Studio Laan, PLLC was founded in 2009 by architects Philip Anderson and Chiara Lalla. We set out to deliver innovative design solutions from micro to macro scale, which are responsive to the needs of both the client and the end user, aesthetically appealing and which promote sustainability through a responsible use of current and future resources. We offer full architectural services, industrial design and sustainability analysis and consulting. Our modern design sensibility, honed by years of practice and study in Rome, Miami and Washington, DC, gives us a different and unique perspective on the aesthetic representation of socially and environmentally responsible construction.
As a small firm, we are able to cater our services to the distinct needs of each individual client. We can offer a higher degree of principal-level attention to the project, whether client interaction, problem solving, or quality control. With over 30 years of combined international professional experience, we bring hard-won knowledge and expertise to every project we take on, regardless of size or complexity.

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