Author: Philip
Philip Anderson is a founding principal at Studio Laan, a Washington, DC-based architecture and design studio.

One Hundred Feet Underground, a Solution to Potomac & Anacostia River Pollution

It’s no secret.  The Potomac and Anacostia Rivers (especially the Anacostia!) are filthy.  Much of the problem derives from raw sewage overflowing directly into them, or tributaries such as Rock Creek, at one of the 53 Combined Sewer Overflow outfalls

That’s all Great, But Can I Get a Rebate?

We’ve added a new section to our links page, under the Sustainability heading.  Here, you can find information on rebate and other incentive programs which can significantly reduce the first cost of sustainable materials and equipment.  We’ll continue to update

Is This (Finally…) the Future of Energy?

We heard a lot about fuel cells starting a decade or so ago, then the novelty wore off, media attention died down, and we moved on to other things. Those who have been paying attention, though, have followed the success

Outdoor Learning Environments

The AIA’s Committee on Architecture for Education recently hosted a great webinar on design of outdoor learning environments.  An outdoor learning environment differs from the traditional school playground in that it moves away from the simple notion of “outdoor recess”.

Green Your Home

If you live in the District of Columbia, and you’d like to make your home more energy efficient, the DC Government wants to help you!  The District Department of the Environment is offering FREE home energy audits.  Your home will

SWS @ Goding Elementary

After the better part of an exciting first expansion year at Logan Annex, School-within-School is moving again! This time, it will be to a permanent home at Anne M. Goding Elementary School at 10th & F Street, NE. This building

DC is a Green Mecca

Were you aware the District is consistently among the leading jurisdictions in the nation in delivery of green buildings? Not only do we have one of the most aggressive green building programs in the country, but we may be among

Studio Laan Updated Web Site Goes Live!

We have (finally!) finished our first draft of the Studio Laan web site update.  Take a look at the projects we have posted so far.  More to come soon!