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Thinking about hiring an architect?  Not sure where to start?  Or, are you wondering why you need an architect at all?  This great web site from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an excellent starting point for owners.

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What is great design? In Tradition and the Individual Talent, T.S. Eliot argued that we must build upon the greatness of those who have come before us. Here are a few of the great talents we look to for inspiration.
Erik Gunnar Asplund
Le Corbusier
Sir Edwin Lutyens
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

What does sustainable design look like?  Here are some award-winning projects that demonstrate that good design and green design are one and the same.


What is sustainability? It’s much more than just green design. This web site provides a very broad overview of the many facets of sustainability.

Heard about LEED, but not sure what it is, or why you might need it?  Here are a few answers, and many additional resources.

What is net zero energy?

In addition to conserving natural resources, permanently reducing my utility bills and contributing to help leave the earth in slightly better shape than how I found it, can I also get a rebate for installing sustainable materials or equipment in my project?
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Additional targeted information is available at the following links:
DC Programs:
Washington Gas
Anacostia Watershed Society (Green Roofs)
DC Sustainable Energy Utility
Green Energy DC

Virginia Programs:
Washington Gas
Dominion Power

Maryland Programs:
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Washington Gas

Federal Programs:
DSIRE List of Federal Initiatives
Energy Star Tax Credits