At Studio Laan, we believe that good design and green design are one and the same, and that both make good business sense. Our best clients are those who push us to pursue innovative and sustainable design strategies, which meet their unique needs.  We constantly strive to demonstrate that outstanding design should always be expected, regardless of budget. Our design solutions emerge from a rational process of problem solving and examine all facets of each particular issue, before arriving at a strategy which contributes value on multiple levels. By partnering with all stakeholders involved in a project, we place our clients’ goals as the driving force behind the project, and build the foundation for successful, long-term client relationships.
We believe in the power of outstanding design to better the lives of those it touches, regardless of whether they are conscious users of the facility or item in question or not. Outstanding design questions assumptions, abhors waste, encourages social interaction and promotes a sustainable future. We believe the best solution is derived after evaluating precedent and tradition and offers a progressive vision, based on a critical re-assessment of present and future function and values.