Bunker Hill ES

Bunker Hill Elementary School was constructed in several phases across the middle of the 20th century. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, owing to it’s clearly articulated Colonial Revival-style red brick multi-part construction. A 1965 addition sits to the east, distinct from the earlier volumes. Subsequent to a 2014 modernization, two new rooftop HVAC units were left exposed. As both a visual and acoustic nuisance, these rooftop HVAC units required retrofitting a screen wall to enclose and conceal them.
Studio Laan designed two uniform metal panel-clad screen walls, each fully cantilevered from the existing steel dunnage to avoid new roof penetrations. The screen walls are opaque from the exterior, with an interior face designed to absorb and attenuate objectionable noise levels. The project required approvals from the DC Historic Preservation Office and the US Commission of Fine Arts. Construction pending.

Bunker Hill Elementary School, front facade on Michigan Ave. NE.
Bunker Hill Elementary School, rear facade facing the play fields on the south side of the site.