SWS @ Goding

School-Within-School is a public, teacher-directed, Reggio Emilia inspired elementary learning environment. In its second year of expansion, SWS relocated to its permanent home at the Anne M. Goding School in Capitol Hill.
In order to accommodate a growing population, the building formerly housing a 2nd-8th grade program was reconfigured to adapt to SWS’ unique PS-2nd grade curriculum. Two new classroom suites were programmed and designed to support distinct student populations with special needs, while also integrating them into the larger school-wide program.
A ground floor storage area was repurposed to house a population of medically fragile disabled children. New interior glazing replaced solid CMU walls, permitting daylight and exterior views to flow across the hallway and allow recapture of formerly unoccupied spaces. The new suite provides a quiet, comfortable environment for these children, while also promoting limited interaction with their preschool peers just down the hall.
The project was completed on a tight budget and timeframe, while also integrating planning for future program expansion and building renovation.

The main entrance to the Anne M. Goding Elementary School. The parents and staff collaborated to transform the school grounds into an interactive outdoor learning environment supportive of SWS' curriculum, entirely with volunteer labor and donated materials.
On the ground floor, a series of unoccupied spaces were converted into a suite serving a population of special needs students. The ample interior glazing allows daylight to filter across the hallway to the Occupational and Physical Therapy room. Views back across the hallway and through the classroom allow occupants a connection to the exterior.
A view down the ground floor corridor through the special needs suite. Beyond, preschool classrooms occupy the rest of this floor.
A view down the ground floor hallway before conversion into the special needs suite.