Mountainside Woods

Mountainside Woods is a new development of single family homes based on traditional northeastern suburban development typologies. In contrast to the contemporary push for ever-larger “McMansions” sited on large, barren lots, this development seeks to create a sense of community.  Narrow streets, ample sidewalks and retention of mature trees promote pedestrian access and biking.  Front porches on all homes, rather than elaborate rear yard structures encourage neighborly interaction.  Side yard driveways and rear garages put a friendlier face toward the community and leave space for lush landscaping along the public realm.
Homes are efficiently laid out to provide all the amenities found in larger homes, without wasting space.  Planned future expandability allows houses to grow along with their families, avoiding the need to over-buy with respect to current needs.  Finally, a reduction in overall size of construction allows higher quality materials to be used, with an eye toward sustainability.  Smaller homes are more energy efficient, and materials may be selected with reduced environmental impact and long-term life cycle costs as primary drivers.